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Expansive Innovation programs are designed & delivered to allow YOUR TRUTH to emerge with tangible results. 

Guiding you towards an awareness that shifts ultimately unravels what you already have within…

Without have to ‘upskill’ or doing a bunch of stuff to get there.

What if we could make this next project the best we’ve ever encountered?

Let’s step into depth of experience that awakens you, your team and organisation, right here and now.

Jayanie helped to dissolve my doubts, encouraged me to stand in my own vision of myself and supported me to take action. The biggest lesson I have learned is that perfection is not perfect, it is a tool born from fear. A tool I created to protect myself by putting my goals on a shelf I could never reach. This form of ‘protection’ was far from that, it was destructive. But not anymore. I fired fear, now I work for courage.
- Briona McArdle, Ogilvy - 



We gather on the 18th April 2024 twice a month to explore our individual awakening and discovery together. Connecting with your deepest consciousness. Enhancing the connection to that which surrounds us.
As we reflect in contemplation and journey together over a number of months, we build a sense of continuity, community and inner strength.
Groups run for 6 months. 

The next Online Group Journey Experience begins Thurs 18th April 2024:
Time: 6-7.30pm UK.
Click button below for pric
e and details:

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Is there something that seems to be missing that you can't quite put your finger on?


We all experience 'noise' in our minds and don’t know how to move beyond this. It can leave us in a stagnant, unempowered place. During the tailored 6-12 month programmes:

  • We will explore a 'deep dive' into your personal journey in consciousness and expansion focussing on specific areas that will bring balance, leadership and creativity into your life. 

  • Assess and shift your patterns, habits and habitul thinking.

  • Focus on goals that are meaningful to you. 

  • For business leaders, extrepreneurs, artists, innovators and creators. 

I lead 2-4 day Intensives for individuals that have been through one of the group experiences or started the 1:1 program.  Please connect with me if you are interested in either programme.



This is not Learning & Development.

This is not traditional Consulting or Coaching.

This goes above and beyond these definitions.

There is no true way to describe an Expansive Innovation© journey. It needs to be experienced in person and so I will try my best ... this is an uplift in perception & consciouness, in turn this changes how we show up as people, impacting systems and structures.



Experiencing a New Consciousness & Perspective across the team. Change in thinking, problem solving, actions and behaviours. Tackling themes that impact us and matter.



Working together to solve creative, financial, strategic and social business challenges - whether they are simple or complex.

We look at the big picture and the detail.

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I had a great pleasure working with Jayanie who was my coach for 3 months. During this time Jayanie helped me enormously. I approached the whole programme with an open mind. I knew what I wanted to achieve. The "How" was more difficult so I had some reservations about the final result. First weeks were challenging for me as I was constantly seeking answers for everything and I wanted to hear things that would feed and satisfy my “rational brain”. Jayanie recognised it quickly and guided me through so that I could focus on what was important. As a result I've made a big step. I became more self-confident. I am able to pay more attention to my thoughts which I can switch and control more easily. With this approach in mind I am able to solve problems which before I would classify as "too difficult to resolve". This is a big achievement for me and it proves that Jayanie is a great, truly professional and effective coach. She cares deeply about people"

 - Wioleta Osobka, Change Manager GSK - 

Creating from a conscious space - Connection, Creativity & Innovation.

During the past couple of years, I've had the good fortune of spending time with Jayanie and being coached by her.  My son and I have benefited enormously from her coaching, and her group workshops have been tremendously helpful for my friends and colleagues.
As a veteran of workshops and coaching programs, I’ve worked with a number of renowned experts - but I’ve never encountered anyone as effective as Jayanie.
Being with her is so relaxing that it's impossible to see how she generates such transformative results. Spending time with Jayanie seems to magically ease people into a more graceful, grateful and effective way of living. Engaging Jayanie was the smartest decision I made all year, and by far my best investment. I cannot overstate the value of working with her and I shall be eternally grateful.

 - Niale McLoughlin Vice President, Learning & Advancement, Wynn Resorts -

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