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Sat 18th Nov 10-11.30am & Sun 19th Nov 10-11.30am UK time

FREE Online Immersive 2 day workshop

Conscious Leadership Unleashed

"Conscious Leadership Unleashed: An Immersive & Transformative 2 day workshop for leaders, creators and entrepreneurs who are ready to go from burnt-out and feeling overwhelmed at work to Freedom and Empowerment!"

Awaken Your Leadership Essence as we Dive into Consciousness.

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Are you ready to dive deep into the realms of consciousness and unleash your true leadership potential? Imagine stepping into a world where you feel your purpose, you are empowered and  things happen with ease.

Welcome to our immersive 90-minute virtual workshop over 2 days, a journey that will reshape and IN-FORM your understanding of leadership and empower you to lead with unwavering purpose as we tap into deeper awareness. 

What is showing up in your world right now? Do any of these resonate for you:

You are struggling with your soul journey and being in the world - You feel you are losing the connection with your heart soul amongst all the chaos. It just feels clunky BEING & DOING simultaneously.

You feel stressed and burnt-out - The pressure of being a leader or running your business is becoming exhausting.

You feel the uncertainty of navigating a constantly changing work landscape, requiring fast adaptation and decision-making.

You really want a healthy work-life balance - balancing demanding work schedules with personal well-being is hard.

You find managing Self Care difficult– you don’t actually know you are struggling or by the time you do know, you are too far gone. 

You are overwhelmed with responsibilities that are weighing you down and draining your energy – let’s face it many of us are juggling personal, family, parenting and work related stuff all at once which requires a lot of effort.


So how can this become easier for you?

Welcome dear Soul. Hi I’m Jayanie, a Leadership and Consciousness Coach.

I guide leaders towards a depth of Consciousness that unravels their innate capacities and capabilities as they expand in awareness.

Over the past 10 years I have been coaching business leaders and their teams, entrepreneurs, artists, light workers, healers and people wanting to deepen in their spiritual journey so they can become more impactful, healthier and happier in life.

My journey has been starting off as a Scientist in Immunobiology and Cardiac Medicine for 7 years to working in the city as a Management Consultant for 10 years. On paper I was a ‘high performer’ working for a Big 4 Accountancy firm, great salary and travelling all over the world but I was getting drained by the effects of the long hours, high workload and demanding pace with the constant competition amongst my peers ….hmm does this sound familiar? My health deteriorated and I knew conventional healthcare pathways out there weren’t going to fix my issues, which was rather ironic as I used to work on NHS healthcare pathways implementation and now I was the patient! Nothing was working, I felt alone and lost. So I decided to get to the root of the issue and went on an inner journey of discovery about Mind & Consciousness which I use to support my clients with every day. Then came a huge change in my perception and how I see the world. EVERYTHING CHANGED. 

I have helped thousands of people through my groups, 1:1 and corporate work. 

"This is what I'm focusing on with you in this free workshop - The Transformation in You”

As I moved towards a deeper connection with myself and away from perceptions of who I thought I was based on the past, something magical happened. I gained a clear sense of who I am and found my purpose. I became centered and was able to manage any situation I was in with a lot more ease. I started to use my intuition and it opened me up to new realms of understanding.

The balance & harmony came back into my life. I have seen extraordinary transformations as awareness expands in a person.


When you are pursuing a path of awakening and personal growth weird stuff happens that seems to look like it is ‘derailing you’ and taking you off your path, but ultimately we are travelling to the right place and you got here!

Join me on this Adventure!


🚀 Experiencing Grounding, Clarity and Empowering You over the 2 days: 🚀


  • You will embark on a Journey to develop a deeper connection with yourself

  • You will become grounded & centered opening up to becoming more present and less distracted by all the chaos around us

  • You will gain clarity of mind to enable you to think clearer and make better decisions as a leader

  • You will have insights that resonate at a soul-deep level and will guide you towards becoming your authentic self, essential for a transformational leader

  • We will explore what new leadership is for you in 2023 and beyond!

  • You will join a group of people travelling in the same direction as you, wanting to unite their spiritual self with the practical every day challenges of work, home and life.

🎁 Exclusive Bonuses: 

  • As a workshop participant, you'll receive a downloadable guide to continue nurturing your leadership growth beyond the workshop.

  • Receive a special discount for my ongoing 5 months journey program for business leaders and change makers - The Conscious Leadership Journey.



You are a Business Leader, Change Maker, Creator, Artist, Entrepreneur or Innovator who wants to expand into new ways of being as a Leader and opening up to your inner “Superpowers”. 

You want to have more moments of peace, calm and wholeness in your everyday life. 

You would like to challenge your perception of who you are now into what is possible for you.

The Transformation is opening you up to naturally co-creating connections and becoming more impactful.  

“The biggest lesson I have learned is that perfection is not perfect, it is a tool born from fear. A tool I created to protect myself by putting my goals on a shelf I could never reach. This form of ‘protection’ was far from that, it was destructive. But not anymore. I fired fear, now I work for courage.”
Briona, Journey Participant. 

"Whatever you did in the last session was crazy powerful"
1:1 Client

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🎉 Participants will receive a recording 🎉


Spaces for this 2 day exclusive 90-minute virtual workshop are limited to ensure an intimate and engaging experience for all participants. 



Embark on your transformative leadership journey with me!

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