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The Expansive LEADER Journey
An Experience that spans 5 months.

A discovery of New Wonders as we travel together from Thurs 18th April to Aug 2024.

During this series of sessions a space will be created for a small group of us where we can gather on the 18th April and meet every 2 weeks, expanding awareness and sharing our experiences in life in a safe and connected space.


We shall explore channeled themes together for our individual awakening and discovery in a supportive group consciousness. The content of each session will be designed specifically for the attendees individually and as a group.


Connecting with your deepest consciousness in Love, Creativity and Freedom. Developing a connection to what surrounds us in ENERGY.


We will reflect in CONTEMPLATION and journey together building a sense of continuity, community, EMPOWERMENT and INNER STRENGTH.

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The Expansive Leader Journey is for you if:

  • You are a Business Leader, Change Maker, Creator, Artist, Entrepreneur or Innovator who wants to expand into new ways of being as a Leader & opening up to your innate “Superpowers”.

  • ​You want to have more moments of peace, calm and wholeness in your everyday life.

  • ​You would like to challenge your perception of who you are now into what is possible for you.


The REAL results that magically happen when people immerse themselves in a program:

  • Radiant confidence - Tapping into the energy of your Self Worth, speaking what feels true for you with confidence at home and in work. As you become present your sense of Presence enhances and people listen to what you’ve got to say. Great for presenting yourself to others.

  • Emotional resilience - Develop a deeper connection with yourself and welcome vulnerability so that you can weather the emotional storms with grace.

  • Mental resilience - Deepen your grounding open up to becoming more present and less distracted by all the chaos around us.

  • Focus and productivity- You will gain the clarity of mind to enable you to think clearer and make better decisions as a leader.

  • Clear decision making and insights - You will have insights that resonate at a soul-deep level and will guide you towards becoming your authentic self, essential for a transformational leader.

  • New leaders - We will explore what leadership is for you in 2024 and beyond. You will begin to experience new moments of awareness which tangibly impact your life in a truly extraordinary way!

  • Community support - Being in a connected and supportive community of lovely people! You don’t have to do this alone.


Client Testimonial

I have attended the 1:1 Coaching, Intensive Retreat and Workshops with Jayanie. It was a transformational journey. I used to pack every day with lots of tasks - at work and in life. DOING and accomplishing did keep me busy, but doesn’t bring me meaning. After working with Jayanie, my world view is different, transformed. I realised I am NOT my past and I am NOT my thoughts. I no longer allow my thoughts and other people’s opinion to define who I am! Jayanie walked with me through the journey with guidance, support and wisdom.


Here's what to expect when you choose to join:

Who it’s for

This is for you if who want to ignite your creativity and expand into new ways of being as a leader, creator and entrepreneur.

Interactive Group Sessions Spanning 5 months

Exercises, group reflections, pairs work during the session, a little bit of homework perhaps.


I will guide you through the 5 months. Sessions will help you to open up to Insights and Realisations. Within the Group we will tap into a collective consciousness and feel supported as we journey together.


£1995 for 9 Live Sessions over 5 months or £1750 if you sign up before the 2nd April. Please let me know if you have any difficulties with payment and we can find a way, payment plans are available. 

WHAT’s NEXT: Book in a 15-min call with me on the Calendly link below, we can speak about your space on the program and any questions you have. And if you are ready to sign up already pop me an email:



Starting from 18th April to August 2024. We will meet twice a month. The Program spans 5 months.


ONLINE Zoom details to be sent closer to the time.

Time: 6pm-7.30pm GMT - for those who are not in the UK please look at your local time zone.



To book your 15min discovery call with me CLICK here if you would like to go on the journey:


If you have any questions please email

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